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Welcome to Cove Paranormal Research Society

On the pages of this website are examples of what we do with references to the proposed theories that we use during our research studies. Our methods and protocols are always changing based on our results and it is important to note that "results" does not mean "evidence" of ghosts or paranormal activity. We approach all of our studies objectively and remove all of our beliefs and skepticism in order to view the results as they are without influence or bias.

Some of our members are also involved in collaborative research studies within the paranormal community and information on that collaboration is also presented here. These independent research studies help us determine what equipment or methods may be useful for future location studies. They are also an excellent opportunity to be given the opinions of other researchers within the community.

Our research leans more towards survival or afterlife studies than it does towards ghost hunting or hauntings investigations which is why we no longer conduct private residence investigations. The methods and experiments we use are not appropriate for those types of cases. We prefer locations that allow us to integrate our current methods and device experiments into our studies with the possibility of extended follow-ups to validate or explain the results of the previous study. It is not uncommon for us to spend the better part of a year or more on one location.

Individuals who wish to contact us about a location study can email us at or use our contact form here for more information. We can also be contacted through Facebook or Twitter. Our studies are free and we do not charge for travel expenses or lodging.

We have also been involved in several charity drives in an attempt to help others and we would like to thank everyone who has supported our efforts in the past. Please visit our Community Service page for more information on our current fundraising activity and events.