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About Cove Paranormal Research Society

Founded in 2010, Cove Paranormal Research Society is a group of six individuals based in Perry County, Pennsylvania. We conduct objective location studies of events and experiences that have been perceived to be paranormal based on specific methods and proposed theories. Originally a haunting investigation group, we now focus more on afterlife studies as opposed to haunting investigations or ghost hunting. Our primary area of research interest is audio studies, specifically EVP, in attempt to induce a response. However, our studies are also combined with investigative procedures to provide alternative explanations to claims and our study results. Some of our members also participate in collaborative research studies with other members of the paranormal community and all of our team members have a membership with the  Gettysburg Paranormal Association. We attend GPA events in Gettysburg regularly.

We have given presentations on our research studies for the Haunted Pennsylvania Class at Central Penn College, and also at the Trails and Trees Environmental Classroom in Mechanicsburg, PA. Our founder has been published in the Association TransCommunication’s News Journal. The Association TransCommunication is an organization dedicated to the study of all forms of transcommunication, with an emphasis on Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) and Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). He is also a member of United Paranormal International.

What is presented on this site is information about what we do and how we do it. Our methods are under constant review by us and we make no claims with the results of any of our studies. During our study sessions we document everything we believe is important and when we refer to an "event" or "events" in our research reports, or anywhere on this site, it simply refers to what we experienced. There is always the possibility that an "event" has a logical explanation and if one is found it will be mentioned in our final report. Otherwise, it will be presented as currently unexplained.

We do not claim to be able to remove spirit activity from a location and we do not practice cleansings. We also do not "debunk" claims of paranormal activity. We work to understand not "debunk." Any photographs or audio files that appear in our research reports or on this site are presented as results, not "evidence", of our research studies.

We believe there is an explanation for everything and that which is perceived to be paranormal is in reality normal. We are simply unable to explain that which is unknown at this time. This is why we believe there is a need for serious research within the paranormal community and we will do our best to present our research here as objectively as possible. To achieve that we believe we must remove all of our beliefs to present the results as they are and continue working to understand that which is perceived to be paranormal.

As a rule we no longer conduct private residence investigations because our current research methods are not suited to those types of cases. For more information on our location studies please contact us at