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Collaborative Parahistorical Research Initiative

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Why Has There Not Been More Study of the Paranormal?

Radio-Sweep: A Case Study

Phantom Voices

ATransC White Paper on Transcommunication

with emphasis on Electronic Voice Phenomena

Atransc Video-Loop, Visual ITC Recording Technique

Psychic Science - Video ITC The Klaus Schreiber Method

Are EVP Meant Only For the Person Recording Them?

Physics Legend Freeman Dyson On The One Thing We Just Don't Get About Science

Dr. Hans Holzer - A Lifetime of Explaining the Unexplained

Is Science a Belief System?

Scientists Claim That Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness Moves To Another Universe At Death

Study claims EVPs Persist, Even in Controlled Environments

Dr. Ingrid C. Irwin's Sleep State Rcording Trials

Dr. Ingrid C. Irwin's Unattended Recording Trials

Paranormal Unity and What It Means to Me