• The Research Project

    In October of last year we began what we call our Research Project which started as a series of investigations at locations with historical significance and stories or claims of paranormal activity within the Perry County, PA area. We had no idea what would become of this project. For all we knew it could have dissolved into nothing. However, it has since shaped itself into something we did not expect. We eventually visited locations with history, but without claims, and the results were impressive to us. Within the next week or so we will be adding a page to our website specifically related to the Research Project. There may not be anything “groundbreaking” or “innovative” in our approach, but that was not really the first thing on our collective minds throughout the process of the project’s evolution. In many ways it is actually a combination of how we investigate our private residence cases with ideas we have exchanged from face to face meetings with other teams within the paranormal community. We have been mentioning it so much on here that we thought it was appropriate to “put it out there” for everyone to see how we approach our projects which are different from our private residence investigations.

    We would like to note that some of the teams we have spoken to have had a fear of disclosing the way they investigate to the public because of the backlash that exists within the drama of the paranormal community. This is a shame to us because we feel that the exchange of ideas is what will be the driving force within our community. We do not claim ownership of any ideas we “put out there”. We have no problem sharing anything we publicly disclose. Why? Because we feel we are all on the same team and we know we have awesome friends on that team!

  • 2012 Gettysburg Paranormal Gathering

    If I were to sum up my thoughts on the Gettysburg Paranormal Gathering it would be amazing moments with awesome people! From the moment we arrived at the David Stewart Farm, we were in non stop discussions with other teams and members of the paranormal community. Discussions were anything from how awesome the Gathering was to exchanging ideas about paranormal investigating. We can’t ever say it enough that every time we are with another group or groups we always learn something new, and this weekend was no exception. The entire team also attended medium Laine Crosby’s investigation of the main house after the Meet and Greet and Laine is amazing! We had the opportunity to do an overnight investigation of the David Stewart Farm at last years Gathering and to receive confirmation from her on some of the things we experienced was really cool!

    We would like to thank Kim “GhostBreakers” Kowalczyk and Stephani Maitland for everything they have done to put together what we truly believe has been the event of the summer for the Cove Paranormal Research Society for the past two years. To all the teams we had a chance to speak to, you have all proven that there can be unity within the paranormal community, and we thank you for that. We consider all of you friends and hopefully we will see you soon! Please keep in touch while we are waiting for the next one!

  • Gettysburg Paranormal Gathering

    Last year the Gettysburg Paranormal Gathering at the David Stewart Farm was the event of the summer for the Cove Paranormal team and we have been looking forward to this ever since! We can’t wait to see all of the friends we met last year and hope to make some new ones too. The Dates for the Gathering run from this Friday through Sunday with the main attraction being the meet and greet Saturday from Noon to Four at the David Stewart Farm. Mark Nesbitt and Laine Crosby will be there once again from GhostChannel.TV and also psychic Robyne Marie, Johlene “Spooky” Riley and the Gettysburg Paranormal Association, The Pennsylvania Paranormal Magazine, and of course the members of the GhostBreakers! This is an awesome event with no charge for attending. It will be many paranormal groups and enthusiasts spending the afternoon together in one place and the David Stewart Farm is a great place to do just that. Investigations are offered for anyone interested. If you would like more information on this event happening this weekend from July 20 to July 22, visit the events Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/GhostBreakers-Branalea-Farms-Annual-Gettysburg-Paranormal-Gathering/119297054837883 We had a chance to do an overnight investigation of the David Stewart Farm last year and it was definitely worth it. If you are looking for an awesome paranormal event, this is the one to attend. If you are going we will see you there! As always, we will be tweeting updates throughout the weekend in Gettysburg so check us out on Twitter http://twitter.com/coveparanormal.

  • The Paranormal As WE See It?

    Welcome to our online blog which hopefully will become a place where others in the paranormal community will be able to share ideas with our team. I will be using this blog to not only post comments on all things related to the Cove Paranormal Research Society, but also my opinions on things going on within the paranormal community. With that said, please keep in mind that these are only MY opinions and are not necessarily the opinions of all of the Cove Paranormal team members nor do I think others within the community should share my opinions. I am not a scientist or parapsychologist, and by no means am I an expert in the field. I am just like many out there who have had one experience or many and are now searching for answers. I am hoping that this blog can be a place for the exchange of ideas or theories relating to paranormal investigating as I am always searching for opinions from others within the community, so feel free to fire away here. However, please be respectful to others and their opinions when commenting. The first thing I feel I should explain is the title to this blog which is “The Paranormal As We See It”. I decided on this title because, in my opinion and experience, investigating the paranormal is an extremely subjective activity. We all have our own opinion on methods, equipment, theories, experiences, etc. etc. In other words, this field is truly about “The Paranormal As We See It” whether it be as individuals or as a paranormal team, in my opinion. I have never maintained a personal blog before so hopefully my first effort won’t be too boring, but if your eyes manage to make it past the first sentence of any of my entries here, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, rants, ramblings, or whatever you may want to call them, and feel free to leave a comment.