The Paranormal As WE See It?

Welcome to our online blog which hopefully will become a place where others in the paranormal community will be able to share ideas with our team. I will be using this blog to not only post comments on all things related to the Cove Paranormal Research Society, but also my opinions on things going on within the paranormal community. With that said, please keep in mind that these are only MY opinions and are not necessarily the opinions of all of the Cove Paranormal team members nor do I think others within the community should share my opinions. I am not a scientist or parapsychologist, and by no means am I an expert in the field. I am just like many out there who have had one experience or many and are now searching for answers. I am hoping that this blog can be a place for the exchange of ideas or theories relating to paranormal investigating as I am always searching for opinions from others within the community, so feel free to fire away here. However, please be respectful to others and their opinions when commenting. The first thing I feel I should explain is the title to this blog which is “The Paranormal As We See It”. I decided on this title because, in my opinion and experience, investigating the paranormal is an extremely subjective activity. We all have our own opinion on methods, equipment, theories, experiences, etc. etc. In other words, this field is truly about “The Paranormal As We See It” whether it be as individuals or as a paranormal team, in my opinion. I have never maintained a personal blog before so hopefully my first effort won’t be too boring, but if your eyes manage to make it past the first sentence of any of my entries here, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, rants, ramblings, or whatever you may want to call them, and feel free to leave a comment.

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