The Research Project

In October of last year we began what we call our Research Project which started as a series of investigations at locations with historical significance and stories or claims of paranormal activity within the Perry County, PA area. We had no idea what would become of this project. For all we knew it could have dissolved into nothing. However, it has since shaped itself into something we did not expect. We eventually visited locations with history, but without claims, and the results were impressive to us. Within the next week or so we will be adding a page to our website specifically related to the Research Project. There may not be anything “groundbreaking” or “innovative” in our approach, but that was not really the first thing on our collective minds throughout the process of the project’s evolution. In many ways it is actually a combination of how we investigate our private residence cases with ideas we have exchanged from face to face meetings with other teams within the paranormal community. We have been mentioning it so much on here that we thought it was appropriate to “put it out there” for everyone to see how we approach our projects which are different from our private residence investigations.

We would like to note that some of the teams we have spoken to have had a fear of disclosing the way they investigate to the public because of the backlash that exists within the drama of the paranormal community. This is a shame to us because we feel that the exchange of ideas is what will be the driving force within our community. We do not claim ownership of any ideas we “put out there”. We have no problem sharing anything we publicly disclose. Why? Because we feel we are all on the same team and we know we have awesome friends on that team!

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