Paranormal Unity And What It Means To Me

I’m sure you have seen it mentioned on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or maybe even during a conversation at an event or conference. So what exactly does paranormal unity mean to us and can we ever achieve it? That’s an excellent question and one I certainly cannot fully answer being one investigator in a sea of many. I can however do my very best to present the team I founded in a respectable way and expect team members to present themselves in the same way. It shouldn’t be that difficult to respect the opinions of other teams and the way they investigate. As a member of the paranormal community, I can remind our team that “our way” is not the only way and we still have a lot to learn even if we have been investigating for however many years. I can also remind our team members that we do not own the paranormal and we should never take credit for the work of others. Be honest, give credit where credit is due, and be willing to work with other teams even if that means allowing them to take the lead. We can learn the history of this field, its founders, and the work they have done. Remember that they did this when it was not a very popular thing to do and we would not be doing what we do today without their achievements. We can look to those who are doing legitimate field work and research too. Who knows, we may just learn something new. We should also be willing to share, whether it be ideas, evidence, or locations with the exception being a private residence that would fall under permission from the client. This field is about the quest for knowledge that could eventually lead to proof of something bigger than all of us. So why is there so much competition and petty fighting? At the end of the day, it all comes down to opinions and experiences, so shouldn’t the exchange of ideas be the driving force within a community that seems to be coming to a cross road? It’s up to each of us to bring this field into a legitimate and respectable light based on principle. I have seen many good people in the paranormal community who have had to defend themselves from senseless attacks that are sometimes very personal and vicious. If we have to continue to spend our time attacking each other, or on defense and response because of such attacks, then we are not making positive progress in this field. With all of this said, I am just one investigator from a little paranormal team in Perry County, PA. However, I know which road I want my team to take, and if you ask what paranormal unity means to me while I travel that road the answer is simple…RESPECT AND SUPPORT BOTH THE FIELD AND ITS MEMBERS…

This article was published in the Winter 2014 Association TransCommunication News Journal.

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