• The Need For Serious Research In This Field

    It was a day of celebration for a young seventeen year old who just graduated from high school, so a party with classmates seemed like the perfect opportunity to kick back and let go. The soon to be an adult was invited to a party at a friend’s parents house expecting that everything would be “cool” and it would be a great day with classmates before separating for college or the workforce. So a young seventeen year old set out in the early afternoon hours of a beautiful spring day in June to a party with classmates.

    As the day progressed with a few beers and food, a smart decision to slow down on the drinking was made before the drive home. The afternoon seemed to turn into evening too quickly and “good lucks” and “good-byes” were exchanged before starting the car and heading out to the highway. It was a short drive home so there should have been no problems at all, but the drive included a narrow back road and there was a brief rain shower prior to departure. This was nothing to worry about though if driving speed was kept under the posted limit on the way home. However, on that day the vehicle would never make it home, a large tree would be the last thing in memory of the drive home, and one moment in time would mark an event that would haunt that seventeen year old into the future.

    Many questions and much confusion remain for that seventeen year old who is now an adult and can still vividly remember seeing the activity surrounding him in a hospital room from above. Included in that memory is the vision of a crying Mother and an Uncle who were both outside of that room. That seventeen year old would not speak of those visions until weeks later when enough courage was built up to ask the question that needed an answer. “Mom and Dad, what happened at the hospital that day?”

    The answer stunned the seventeen year old who just turned eighteen. The response “you flatlined and we thought you were gone” was not what was expected because those images seemed like just a dream. What stunned Mom and Dad however was the fact that their child knew the Uncle was at the hospital because he never once entered the room where doctors and nurses were frantically trying to save a life. Uncle was only there to comfort Mom and Dad in the event the unthinkable happened. The image of seeing everyone from above as if looking at a maze of rooms through a haze was too unbelievable to comprehend.

    How was that vision possible? That is a very difficult question to answer, but it is a very good reason why there is a need for serious research in this field.