• We Must Be Serious To Be Taken Seriously

    We often post about the need for serious research in the paranormal community away from that which is meant to entertain. We have been criticized for posting about the difference between categories within the field, but we hold steady to the belief that there are distinct differences between the goals of each. We have nothing against any of those categories because we continue to collaborate with members of all of them even though we are a very different team than we were in 2010.

    We started like many others who had experiences that could not be explained and after watching a paranormal television show, we decided to start a team. To understand who we are today, we must also remember who we were yesterday. However, we quickly learned that what we saw on television is not how it is or how it should be for many different reasons in our opinion. We have chosen a different path but we do not believe all teams should do the same. That must be an individual decision based on what one feels is their purpose.

    We were recently asked by the founder of a newly formed team what advice we could give to him and his team. All we could do was describe our experiences as a team based on the short time we have been doing this together, and also our observations of what we have seen. Our response was to hold yourself and your team to a higher standard than anyone else will hold you to. If it seems like a bad idea it most likely is so be ready to walk away when necessary. Be your toughest critic, never assume anything, and be open to the advice of others who have been doing this longer than you. Most importantly always remember, when you step onto a property or enter a home or business, that everything you do from that moment forward is a reflection of all of us who do the same thing.

    This field is in desperate need of standards that walk the grounds of ethics and also respect for our peers and those who may walk among us. It’s not a problem to have fun but we must be serious to be taken seriously.