• Standing In The Middle Of The Debates

    I often talk to our team about the importance of removing all personal opinions and bias from a study, review, and presentation of results. Most paranormal teams fall into one of two categories. They either have their minds set on proving the existence of ghosts and paranormal activity or set on explaining away paranormal experiences. Both inject bias to serve their agenda from the start in my opinion. The ghost hunter wants to prove the existence of ghosts while trying to explain some things to a certain degree, and a haunting investigator will primarily attempt to explain everything away and what is left has to be paranormal. At the end of the day both groups need an explanation for their way of thinking even if the end result is an empty conclusion based on opinion. This does nothing more than invite some to argue there is an explanation for everything even if they cannot offer proof to back up their opinion from a skeptics point of view.

    In my mind no one can prove anything on either side of the debate and can only offer an opinion based on belief. The ghost hunter or investigator cannot prove the existence of ghosts etc. and the skeptic cannot prove they don’t exist. One can certainly argue that everything we have become familiar with being presented as “evidence” of ghosts and paranormal activity is entirely subjective. For example, even though we all have heard clips of EVP Maker and Echovox output, a skeptic will say we are simply hearing random snippets to make them fit the investigation or session conclusions. The same could be said of ghost boxes with the added “it’s radio broadcast and nothing more” or “it’s just a broken radio.” A similar debate could be had about EVP because no one knows for sure what EVP really is or where the voices come from. This same old argument exists for ITC Video and faces seen in windows etc. Those are either ghosts or pareidolia depending on what one believes. I have yet to see proof for any of the explanations presented from either side, only proclaimed “rational” explanations. If we know for sure that what we have recorded or experienced is one hundred percent without a doubt something we can explain then we should most definitely discard it, but what about that which remains? If we consider placing ourselves in the middle while doing our research and presentation of results, I believe we stand a better chance of achieving objectivity in our quest to achieve credible results with our research.

    Yes I have very strong personal opinions about EVP and ITC based on both my beliefs and my training in audio and video production, along with my experience while working in broadcasting, but I cannot allow those opinions to interfere with researching the unknown because I don’t know for sure what I am really hearing or seeing. All I know is there are many possible explanations, but I can offer no proof for any of them. All I know is what I hear and what I see, and it is what it is until repeatable results are or are not established. The endless debates are just wasted time in my opinion, so I will choose to remain in the middle with this research until someone can offer valid proof from either side of the debate.

  • We Must Be Serious To Be Taken Seriously

    We often post about the need for serious research in the paranormal community away from that which is meant to entertain. We have been criticized for posting about the difference between categories within the field, but we hold steady to the belief that there are distinct differences between the goals of each. We have nothing against any of those categories because we continue to collaborate with members of all of them even though we are a very different team than we were in 2010.

    We started like many others who had experiences that could not be explained and after watching a paranormal television show, we decided to start a team. To understand who we are today, we must also remember who we were yesterday. However, we quickly learned that what we saw on television is not how it is or how it should be for many different reasons in our opinion. We have chosen a different path but we do not believe all teams should do the same. That must be an individual decision based on what one feels is their purpose.

    We were recently asked by the founder of a newly formed team what advice we could give to him and his team. All we could do was describe our experiences as a team based on the short time we have been doing this together, and also our observations of what we have seen. Our response was to hold yourself and your team to a higher standard than anyone else will hold you to. If it seems like a bad idea it most likely is so be ready to walk away when necessary. Be your toughest critic, never assume anything, and be open to the advice of others who have been doing this longer than you. Most importantly always remember, when you step onto a property or enter a home or business, that everything you do from that moment forward is a reflection of all of us who do the same thing.

    This field is in desperate need of standards that walk the grounds of ethics and also respect for our peers and those who may walk among us. It’s not a problem to have fun but we must be serious to be taken seriously.

  • The Need For Serious Research In This Field

    It was a day of celebration for a young seventeen year old who just graduated from high school, so a party with classmates seemed like the perfect opportunity to kick back and let go. The soon to be an adult was invited to a party at a friend’s parents house expecting that everything would be “cool” and it would be a great day with classmates before separating for college or the workforce. So a young seventeen year old set out in the early afternoon hours of a beautiful spring day in June to a party with classmates.

    As the day progressed with a few beers and food, a smart decision to slow down on the drinking was made before the drive home. The afternoon seemed to turn into evening too quickly and “good lucks” and “good-byes” were exchanged before starting the car and heading out to the highway. It was a short drive home so there should have been no problems at all, but the drive included a narrow back road and there was a brief rain shower prior to departure. This was nothing to worry about though if driving speed was kept under the posted limit on the way home. However, on that day the vehicle would never make it home, a large tree would be the last thing in memory of the drive home, and one moment in time would mark an event that would haunt that seventeen year old into the future.

    Many questions and much confusion remain for that seventeen year old who is now an adult and can still vividly remember seeing the activity surrounding him in a hospital room from above. Included in that memory is the vision of a crying Mother and an Uncle who were both outside of that room. That seventeen year old would not speak of those visions until weeks later when enough courage was built up to ask the question that needed an answer. “Mom and Dad, what happened at the hospital that day?”

    The answer stunned the seventeen year old who just turned eighteen. The response “you flatlined and we thought you were gone” was not what was expected because those images seemed like just a dream. What stunned Mom and Dad however was the fact that their child knew the Uncle was at the hospital because he never once entered the room where doctors and nurses were frantically trying to save a life. Uncle was only there to comfort Mom and Dad in the event the unthinkable happened. The image of seeing everyone from above as if looking at a maze of rooms through a haze was too unbelievable to comprehend.

    How was that vision possible? That is a very difficult question to answer, but it is a very good reason why there is a need for serious research in this field.

  • Paranormal Unity And What It Means To Me

    I’m sure you have seen it mentioned on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or maybe even during a conversation at an event or conference. So what exactly does paranormal unity mean to us and can we ever achieve it? That’s an excellent question and one I certainly cannot fully answer being one investigator in a sea of many. I can however do my very best to present the team I founded in a respectable way and expect team members to present themselves in the same way. It shouldn’t be that difficult to respect the opinions of other teams and the way they investigate. As a member of the paranormal community, I can remind our team that “our way” is not the only way and we still have a lot to learn even if we have been investigating for however many years. I can also remind our team members that we do not own the paranormal and we should never take credit for the work of others. Be honest, give credit where credit is due, and be willing to work with other teams even if that means allowing them to take the lead. We can learn the history of this field, its founders, and the work they have done. Remember that they did this when it was not a very popular thing to do and we would not be doing what we do today without their achievements. We can look to those who are doing legitimate field work and research too. Who knows, we may just learn something new. We should also be willing to share, whether it be ideas, evidence, or locations with the exception being a private residence that would fall under permission from the client. This field is about the quest for knowledge that could eventually lead to proof of something bigger than all of us. So why is there so much competition and petty fighting? At the end of the day, it all comes down to opinions and experiences, so shouldn’t the exchange of ideas be the driving force within a community that seems to be coming to a cross road? It’s up to each of us to bring this field into a legitimate and respectable light based on principle. I have seen many good people in the paranormal community who have had to defend themselves from senseless attacks that are sometimes very personal and vicious. If we have to continue to spend our time attacking each other, or on defense and response because of such attacks, then we are not making positive progress in this field. With all of this said, I am just one investigator from a little paranormal team in Perry County, PA. However, I know which road I want my team to take, and if you ask what paranormal unity means to me while I travel that road the answer is simple…RESPECT AND SUPPORT BOTH THE FIELD AND ITS MEMBERS…

    This article was published in the Winter 2014 Association TransCommunication News Journal.

  • The Paranormal As WE See It?

    Welcome to our online blog which hopefully will become a place where others in the paranormal community will be able to share ideas with our team. I will be using this blog to not only post comments on all things related to the Cove Paranormal Research Society, but also my opinions on things going on within the paranormal community. With that said, please keep in mind that these are only MY opinions and are not necessarily the opinions of all of the Cove Paranormal team members nor do I think others within the community should share my opinions. I am not a scientist or parapsychologist, and by no means am I an expert in the field. I am just like many out there who have had one experience or many and are now searching for answers. I am hoping that this blog can be a place for the exchange of ideas or theories relating to paranormal investigating as I am always searching for opinions from others within the community, so feel free to fire away here. However, please be respectful to others and their opinions when commenting. The first thing I feel I should explain is the title to this blog which is “The Paranormal As We See It”. I decided on this title because, in my opinion and experience, investigating the paranormal is an extremely subjective activity. We all have our own opinion on methods, equipment, theories, experiences, etc. etc. In other words, this field is truly about “The Paranormal As We See It” whether it be as individuals or as a paranormal team, in my opinion. I have never maintained a personal blog before so hopefully my first effort won’t be too boring, but if your eyes manage to make it past the first sentence of any of my entries here, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, rants, ramblings, or whatever you may want to call them, and feel free to leave a comment.