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Meeting other teams in the paranormal community is something we always look forward to which is why we attend the Gettysburg Paranormal Gathering every year. It gives us the chance to speak to other teams about how they approach their investigations and studies and also a chance to discuss methods and theories. In 2014 we wanted to make an additional effort to collaborate with other members of the paranormal community so when we were asked to be sponsors of the The Priestley-Forsyth Memorial Library Teen Paranormal Club, we gladly accepted the opportunity to work with an incredible group of teens who just may be future researchers in this field. We have participated in an investigation in Northumberland with the Teen Paranormal Club as a demonstration on how we approach our research studies with an emphasis on audio sessions and we are looking forward to more investigations with them in the future.

More information on the Priestly Forsythe Memorial Library Teen Paranormal Club can be found Here.

Some of our team members also began participating in independent collaborative research studies with other members of the paranormal community in 2014. These independent research studies are an excellent opportunity to share methods and results with other researchers which will benefit our location studies.

In 2015 our goal is to take collaboration to the next level in Perry County, Pennsylvania! We have teamed up with the Historical Society Of Perry County and Cumberland Perry Paranormal for investigations and studies at historical locations.

Information on our Collaborative Parahistorical Research Initiative can be found Here.