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            To reach us by phone call (717) 745-6105.

When you click on the send button above, an email will be sent to coveparanormal@gmail.com.

Please note we no longer conduct private residence investigations. For an explanation about that please see our Location Studies Page. More information about our Research Studies can be found Here.

All of our location studies are free, we will never charge for travel expenses or lodging, and we do not accept donations of any kind.

As a rule we do not release any information about our location studies unless permission is granted and we will never release the physical address for any of our studies unless it is open to the public.

Our policy is we do not accept digital photos taken by the camera of any cell phone or tablet device as a means to get our attention for a location study. With the availability of the ghost app for iPhone and Android Phones, it has become too easy to manipulate those photos. Please understand that in order to submit photos, we will need the original unedited version of any photograph you would like us to review for a possible study. In addition to a visual inspection of submitted photos, we also use photo analysis software to determine whether the photo has been edited in any way. We will discard the submission if we find the digital signature has been removed or there are signs of photo editing software within the digital signature. We also do not accept photographs of orbs because there are too many explanations for what orbs in photos could be that we do not consider them for inclusion in our research studies.