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Our Current Equipment List

On this page is a list of equipment we use during our research studies. It is important to note that there is no evidence of any equipment available anywhere that detects ghosts, regardless of what is shown on television or what is stated on the packages of that which is sold to the ghost hunting community today. Some of the equipment on this list has helped us provide possible explanations for claims of paranormal activity at various locations while others are used to research methods and proposed theories during our studies. As researchers we need to also research the equipment we use to determine whether it is useful for what we do. This is the reason why we do independent studies outside of our location studies. This list may change based on research results.

Equipment Most Commonly Used For Location Studies

Voice Recorders

Zoom H4n

RT-EVP Recorder

Sony PX333

Olympus WS-6005

Olympus VN-8000PC

Olympus VN-6200PC

Olympus VN-8100PC

Olympus VN-701PC

Panasonic RR-QR 80

Panasonic RR-QR 100

Panasonic RR-QR 240

Not only do we use voice recorders in an attempt to record EVP, we also use them in an attempt to track down audible claims at a location (such as the sound of hearing footsteps etc.), to cross reference audio which is marked for possible EVP during review (to be sure it was not one of us or something else giving the perception of an EVP), and for audio notes during the study. Audio equipment is a very important tool for our studies and often times even more important than video or still cameras.

Still Cameras

Sony Cybershot  DSC-W710 Full Color Still Camera

SVP DC-1230 Modified IR Still Camera need model no.

SVP T700 Modified Full Spectrum

Still cameras can be a very important tool for documentation such as taking photos of the area or room before entering and after leaving to avoid false reports of object movement during a session. They are also used in an attempt to document claims of apparitions or shadow figures, but in our experience we are more likely to record an EVP than something we cannot explain in a photo. To date we have not been able to photograph anything that we could not provide an alternative explanation for during our studies. Caution is advised when using multiple night vision cameras in the same room because of the glare produced from the lights to another infrared camera.


Video Cameras

Sony Handycam DCR-SR45 With Night Shot

SVP T700 Modified Full Spectrum

Video Cameras are used similarly to how we use still cameras and also for video documentation of our sessions. The Sony HandyCam is also used for our ITC Video experiments.

EMF Meters

MEL Meter 8704-R

KII Meter


EMF detectors are in fact used to detect electromagnetic fields at a location. We have attempted to use the KII as a communication device but one needs to keep in mind that the KII is extremely sensitive to other devices such as cell phones. The REM Pod is also sensitive to two way radio transmission from quite a distance. For that reason alone we cannot rely on them as communication devices or to validate claims of paranormal activity. We would need to remove all other natural or manmade electro magnetic fields to verify. We have however successfully used EMF meters to track down alternative explanations to some claims at locations such as discovering high levels of EMF near a room where the claim was "bed shaking." The high EMF levels helped us track down an appliance that was under the room causing the bed to vibrate. We also use EMF Meters for some of our experiments with the Ovilus III in phonetic mode since that device allegedly uses energy to form audio output and also with the VRM as that device allows us to hear and record EMF.


HP Laptop - also used for audio and video reviews with Adobe Audition audio software.

Android Phone Or Tablet

We use laptops and android tablets and phones to play audio during our study sessions. Examples are using a laptop to play back a series of recorded questions with a voice recorder present while we were not. We have also used computers and android devices as “trigger” objects to play back recorded songs as an attempt to induce EVP.

Equipment Used If Claims Apply Or We Decide It Will Benefit The Study

Four Camera DVR System - For our purposes this system is useful if we require visual documentation of a location during a study or when we have a need to monitor what is happening in other rooms during a session etc.

VRM Audio EMF Recorder - This device converts EMF fields into audio for recording.

EXTECH 42505 IR Thermometer - Used to document surface temperature.

Various IR Lights for our night vision cameras

Various Trigger Objects (Items chosen that are related to claims)

Equipment Used For Research Only

P-SB7 Spirit Box (Radio Sweep)

ITC Video

Ovilus III Energy Output (Phonetic Mode Only)

Dowsing Rods

Kinect Video

The devices in the for research only list are considered experimental only and are currently subjects of independent research studies. They are sometimes used during location studies as part of an independent study but are not to be considered as results for location studies.