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The Hublersburg Inn Study One Outline of Events

December 13 - 14 2013 Study One

This outline is not intended to be information for a final report. The final report will most likely not include everything that is listed in this outline. It is an example of how we document the results of our case studies and includes notes taken during both the study and the review. Documentation such as this helps us not only form opinions about the case study, but also to help determine what methods may or may not be useful for the next similar case study. More importantly, it helps narrow our focus for any future studies that may be requested for the same location. Additionally, "events" such as "a shadow was seen" without actual visual evidence of the shadow is not very useful for any conclusions of a final research report with the exception of noting it as a personal experience and to include any possible explanations for the client.

It is also important to note this is an outline of ALL of our experiences during the first study and does not mean these experiences are "paranormal" events. We outline EVERY "event of interest" and are especially interested in those "events" that happen during our sessions. Attempts to find an explanation for these are done onsite as time allows. If we discovered a possible explanation onsite it will be noted on this outline. Other possible explanations sometimes happen during the review and get mentioned in the final report. Exact times will only appear on this outline if they are important to the claim, something we believe is a repetitive event that may require further investigation, or may be related to any claims. Our studies are not time based investigative studies unless otherwise noted. They are method and theory based in an attempt to induce communication or events related to claims at a location with an objective approach to examining the results. We make no claims to anything presented. This is simply a record of what happened during the study.

Prior to start of study around 11pm

During equipment setup our Stealth Game Cam, which we were going to position at the bottom of the stairs on the first floor where shadows and apparitions have been seen experienced complete battery drain. This could not be corrected for this piece of equipment during the entire duration of the study. (Note to test this Cam to be sure it is not a problem with the Cam)

First "audio tests” around Midnight

After the test on the second floor we heard a cell phone power on. (Note we always power off all cell phones before we begin a study to avoid equipment interference.) We dismissed this at the time as a possible mistake that it may not have actually been powered off but noted it because there is a claim related to a cell phone.

Before the audio test on the first floor and as soon as we reached the bottom of the stairs, our infrared still camera powered off due to a complete battery drain. Batteries were completely charged before the drain. (Note these were rechargeable batteries - batteries in the Game Cam were not)

Observation Session Second Floor

The sound of a female voice was heard on the RT-EVP Recorder. (This was explained with audio cross reference during review as one of our investigators stating they had made a sound) - Note for future studies, the RT-EVP Recorder must be one of the devices used for the audio tests because the recorder changed the voice tone of our team member giving us a false impression onsite.

One of our investigators had the sensation of being touched and felt as if someone tugged on his ear buds. (Personal experience with no way to verify)

Observation Session First Floor

Several team members stated they heard what sounded like people having a conversation around them as they were monitoring audio in real time. (Audio for this is currently with the listening team)

One team member asked if someone moved while another mentioned seeing a shadow cross from the bar area into the restaurant as if moving toward a table in the corner.

Shortly after that we heard what sounded like a chair moving at one of the tables in the Restaurant area. (After this session, we positioned a video camera in this area)

A second shadow was seen near the bar. (The first floor was observed at length after all of the sessions were complete and due to the fact that there are a lot of reflective surfaces such as mirrors etc. on the first floor, it is difficult not to rule out shadows caused by reflections of passing cars etc. It was snowing heavily during the second night and we did not notice any of these shadows when there was no activity outside the building.)

Several investigators heard what sounded like a female say "mmm hmmm". (This was not recorded by any of the audio recorders but after the night progressed and more whistling sounds were heard it was concluded that this could have been mechanical but worth noting because it was not recorded on audio.)

After First Floor Observation Session

As a team member reached the bottom of the stairs to the first floor with a video camera, a crash similar to plates with utensils being dropped was heard near the bar. Several minutes later, the sound of utensils was also heard. Time is approximately 1:00 am here and is important because our stationary audio recorder recorded this same sound almost an hour later when no one was on the first floor. Our experience with repetitive events like this is they are most likely mechanical in nature. (Note to verify this sound on audio from the second night)

A white shadow was seen cross the hallway on the second floor by one team member. (Note in the area where this was seen is a window in one of the rooms. If the door to the room was open this could have been caused by a moving car passing the building)

Question For Answer Session First Floor

The sound of footsteps were heard and seemed to originate near the stairs to the second floor after the question “what kind of music do you like to listen to”. (Note from historical information that at one time, “Big Bands” would stay at the Inn which was a hotel at the time) This was the only time we heard this the entire night and we could not find the source. (Note to attempt to determine if this sound was made during the second night)

Question for Answer Session Second Floor

The sound of a girl humming was heard by several team members. (This was inconclusive on audio and may have been mechanical)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Trigger Session

The sound of shuffling and knocks heard from inside a room as the instrumental part of the session is playing but inconclusive on audio. (It is possible this was simply the result of air current and building noise)

Following this session a cell phone powers on from power off. (After previous cell phone incident, we confirmed phones were powered off before this one)

Question For Answer Session First Floor

The sound of whistles and voices were heard. (During review we can conclude that the whistles were most likely mechanical because they happened around the same time as an appliance cycle on the first floor.)

Second Question For Answer Session Second Floor (This became an EVP/Ovilus III Session when we discovered there were consistent EMF readings in the hallway near the stairs to the First Floor. The Ovilus was used in phonetic mode for the session and was the first time we have had responses from this device in phonetic mode.)

EMF readings were as high as 4.0 during Ovilus responses with KII spikes up to red at times but not always at the same time as the MEL readings.

During this session, the battery in the RT-EVP recorder drained completely. Before this happened there are two possible EVP (NOT Ovilus output) recorded on one of the Sony PX333 audio recorders and we all heard a whistling sound. (This audio is currently with the listening team. The whistling was most likely mechanical but the EVP is under review.)

Ovilus responses were mostly not understandable at the time but they are currently under review. (Note the Ovilus is used as an experimental device and we are still evaluating it for our purposes much like we have with the P-SB7 Spirit Box with past studies. Results from the output of the Ovilus are are only for research purposes.)

During this session, a second cell phone powers on from power off.

After Ovilus Session

Two of our team members state they are feeling the sensation of the bed shaking in one of the rooms. On further examination we discovered the bed was not shaking, but our two team members were physically vibrating to the point where you could feel the vibration when touched by another person. (NOTE THE TIME IS IMPORTANT HERE - IT WAS APPROXIMATELY 3:20 AM)

(APPROXIMATELY 3:25 AM) We noticed a very loud mechanical humming sound on the first floor which we determined was coming from the bar/kitchen area and most likely a large appliance.

(3:31 AM) Another team member in a different room mentions that the bed is shaking. Before this began, the door to the room closed. This room is across the hallway from the other room where the first shaking/vibration happened and EMF levels in the hallway increased to a level between 4.0 and 8.0 for the duration of the shaking. (After audio review we have determined that the time of the appliance coming on happened around the same time as these three "events of interest". (bed shaking is listed in the claims for the Inn) Although we cannot conclusively say the appliance coming on was the cause of the beds shaking without further study, it is a possibility, and may also be the reason for the rise in EMF levels at that same time. We did not have this same experience during the second night. NOTE FOR AUDIO REVIEW OF STUDY TWO - IT IS IMPORTANT TO DETERMINE IF THE APPLIANCE IS HEARD ON AUDIO AT THIS SAME TIME!

Currently With The Listening Team For Review

Sony PX333 audio from first floor observation session when distant conversations were being heard by those who were monitoring audio in real time. This was not heard by team members who were not monitoring audio nor was it heard through all of the recorders.

A possible EVP recorded by the RT-EVP recorder on the stairs to the first floor after the first floor observation session.

Video clip with a possible EVP in the audio track from first floor.

A possible EVP recorded by a Sony PX333 during the Ovilus Session on the second floor.

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