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The Hublersburg Inn Study Two Outline of Events

December 14 - 15 2013 Study Two

The purpose of study two was to attempt to induce communication through "trigger" sessions and also to attempt to repeat some of the experiences of the first study. Repeating results and patterns are what we look for during our studies with the various methods we use. For these types of studies, we are more interested in what could be a possible response to what we were doing or saying during the session. Random results, although they may be mentioned, become less important during the discussion of results.

Daytime ITC Session around Noon on second floor

This was reviewed onsite that afternoon and it was determined that there were no results. The rest of the afternoon was spent reviewing audio from the previous night and discussing the second study.

Night Time ITC Video Session approximately 10:45pm

NOTE this session was done as the employees were closing the Inn for the night on the first floor. The sound of chairs moving can be heard in the audio portion of the video and also any audio recorders that were running during the session.

Prior to the start of our first "trigger" session on the first floor around Midnight and as we were walking down the stairs to the first floor, we thought we heard the sound of someone walking around, but all the employees had left for the night and all the doors were locked.

First mock interview session for a waitress position

RTEVP and a Sony PX333 pick up the sounds of conversations again. We believe this could possibly be caused by the sound of  the water filter running in an aquarium on the first floor.

A shadow was seen crossing the corner of the bar area after hearing shuffling sounds. Photos were taken of that area but nothing was seen in the images.

The same sounds of silverware were heard by some of the team members. NOTE our experience with repetitive audio events is they are most likely mechanical so these were dismissed.

After the waitress mock interview some team members mentioned hearing the sound of a drawn out male voice but after reviewing the audio onsite it was determined that the sound was most likely the sound of an appliance starting up in the kitchen area.


Second mock interview session for head chef

At the beginning of the session, there were what sounded like several possible voices that were heard in real time on the Sony PX333 recorders. One specifically when a shadow was seen near the kitchen area. A team member reacted to the shadow, a photo was taken of the reaction, and then we worked to determine if the sound of the voices was or was not mechanical and also if the shadow could be explained. We could not come to a conclusion onsite. NOTE during review that it was determined that the sound of the voices was most likely something mechanical. The water from the fish aquarium filter can really be heard during this session on the Sony PX333 creating possible audio artifacts which could possibly explain hearing conversations in the background.

One team member mentions hearing what sounds like the sound of feedback but no one with a recorder and headphones heard it. Shortly after that, whistling is heard and mentioned after the session by several team members. NOTE this is one of the claims and audio should be sent to the listening team if it was recorded on audio to discuss possible explanations.

A team member heard, in real time on the RT EVP recorder, what he thought was a reference to a current employee at the Inn. NOTE this was reviewed onsite and should be sent to the listening team. This should also be matched with another recorder to determine if it was a possible response to or related to the interview session.

There was mention of high EMF near the bar toward the kitchen which could possibly extend to the second floor near the rooms where the beds vibrated during the first night. This could back up a possible explanation for those second floor "events".

Several Sony PX333 have markers set for this session that need attention during review.

Third mock interview session for bartender

The sound of voices, louder than the others we were hearing, in the background are heard by several team members monitoring Sony PX333 voice recorders. NOTE to listen for these and compare with the other similar audio during review. Also NOTE that these SHOULD NOT be submitted as possible EVP if the were recorded by more than one recorder!

Two team members see different shadows cross behind the bar at the same time. One shadow crossed what was a former entrance to the kitchen and the other went in the opposite direction. NOTE as was mentioned in the outline for the first night that there are numerous mirrors and reflective surfaces in this area and the shadows could have been caused by something passing by the Inn or even us during the session.

Additional background conversation is heard. NOTE this is really repetitive and most likely mechanical such as audio artifacts caused by the aquarium filter.

NOTE the whistling was not heard during this session which was done in the same area as the interview for the chef.

After the last interview we notice that the H4n audio recorder battery was low and almost completely drained so we replaced the batteries. NOTE this was the first piece of equipment and the only time we had battery drain during this night. This device was located on the bar with non rechargeable batteries. It was being used as our stationary recorder on the first floor.

After interview sessions

The sound of footsteps were heard on the second floor as if someone was walking behind us. NOTE it is possible this was floor movement caused by one of us as we were walking down the hallway.

ITC Video Session First Floor

There were no "events" to note during this session.

Follow Up Ovilus Session in phonetic mode on Second Floor

There were similar KII readings as first night but lower MEL readings of 2.0 or below.

One possible two word Ovilus response is marked on audio for review.

The sound of footsteps was heard at the same time several team members heard the sound of a female voice in the distance. NOTE to send this audio to the listening team to discuss a possible source.

During a period of silent observation after we heard the female voices there was an additional female voice heard. NOTE to also send this to the listening team for discussion since these were audible.

The sound of footsteps were heard near the stairs to the first floor but could have been us as shifting our weight during the session.

A door seemed to open on its own. NOTE this was explained as floor movement as we passed the door.

Bumps and knocks were heard coming from one of the rooms where the bed is reported to shake. NOTE this could be explained by appliances starting up on the first floor.

The final session to verify or repeat some of the things that we experienced during the first night seemed more quiet than the previous night.

EMF levels were not as high as the first night and Ovilus output was once again mostly blip answers with the exception of one output.

After the final session on the second floor, a shadow was seen coming out of one of the rooms where the bed was shaking the previous night. NOTE we tried to replicate this but were unsuccessful. It could have been lights from a car passing by but it was snowing heavily and there was not much traffic with the exception of the occasional snow plow during the night.

There were no reports of beds shaking during this study.

Currently With The Listening Team For Review

One image from the night time second floor ITC Video Session

Sony PX333 audio clip from the waitress mock interview session

Sony PX333 whistling audio clip from the chef mock interview

RT-EVP audio of one possible EVP from the chef mock interview

Two Sony PX333 audio clips of the possible female voices heard on the second floor during the Ovilus session

One Ovilus audio clip

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