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The Hublersburg Inn

Request for a Cove Paranormal study of the Hublersburg Inn was made in October 2013 when we were contacted by the Head Chef of the Hublersburg Inn via our Facebook Page.

Witness interviews were conducted November 9, 2013 with the Owner, Head Chef, and several employees, including a previous employee who had experiences while working at the Inn.

Claims and experiences at the Inn from the interview

1) Sound of footsteps described as boots on a wooden floor have been heard on the second floor. The entire second floor is carpeted.

2) Apparition seen in one of the rooms on the second floor.

3) An employee has heard the sound of a female "yell his name" when there were no females in the Inn. This was experienced at the same time by another employee (male) in the Inn.

4) Guests have reported doors opening and closing seemingly on their own.

5) An employee has seen objects move such as his Cell phone which was unplugged from the wall in front of him.

6) Children have been heard singing on the second floor, specifically the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star has been heard.

7) A former employee has seen the apparition of a woman dressed in a white gown at the bottom of the stairs near the bar.

8) Quick moving white shadow figures are seen in the area where the woman was seen by multiple witnesses.

9) A waitress has heard the sound of someone whistling when she was closing the restaurant/bar. This was heard by another waitress as it happened. They had the feeling it was a male whistling at them.

The history of the Inn which is posted on the Hublersburg Inn website was discussed during the interview. We also learned that most of the experiences occur during times of change such as new employees working at the Inn.

A two night study was scheduled for December 14 and 15, 2013. The objective of the study at the request of the client was to see what we could experience and document on our audio and visual equipment. A study outline was drafted prior to our arrival and it was decided our trigger sessions would attempt to create a perception of change during the study. Other sessions would focus on the historical timeline of the Inn.

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