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Current Independent Research Studies

Radio Sweep and Transform EVP

The P-SB7 ITC Research Device is popular amongst ghost hunting groups and hauntings investigators who regularly use it for what they claim is spirit communication. A case study done by the Association TransCommunication suggests that radio sweep may not produce EVP as advertised, but admits that "one cannot close the door on any one technology". They have funded an additional study with the Rhine Research Center about how people interpret EVP that includes radio sweep audio which is in progress as of this writing. The purpose of this study will focus on the conclusion of the Association TransCommunication study or raise additional questions for future studies. It will also attempt to answer the question presented by that study, which is could the background noise of the P-SB7 Spirit Box help produce Transform EVP onto another digital audio recorder?

The Radio Sweep and Transform EVP study is a two part study that will be conducted at a location with no reported claims (non-location) and one that has a history of claims (location). All of the sessions for the first part of the study has been completed and audio is currently under review. We have expanded the study to include some historical locations in Cumberland and Perry County, Pennsylvania and those studies are currently ongoing.

Links to notes and articles for the Radio Sweep and Transform EVP study plus future studies will be published Here.

Future studies may include EVP Studies, Ovilus Output, Audio and Visual ITC, and Kinect Video.