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Collaborative Parahistorical Research Initiative

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Collaborative Parahistorical Research Initiative

Imagine a collaborative paranormal research initiative where the methods and proposed theories used by participating teams are respected. A serious research initiative, away from social media drama, where the purpose is to share, compare results, and learn from each other to advance future studies and investigations while working for historical preservation. We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with the Historical Society Of Perry County PA and Cumberland Perry Paranormal for studies and investigation at historical locations in Perry County. When we started collaborating with Cumberland Perry Paranormal, we were excited to learn that we shared the same goals, and we immediately began collaborating on a location study. Several studies and investigations are now currently in progress and we are now looking for additional research teams to join us in this effort. Teams interested in serious research collaboration for historical preservation please see the the details of the purpose of the Collaborative Parahistorical Research Initiative as announced by the Historical Society Of Perry County, PA Here!


The Details and Purpose of the Collaborative Parahistorical Research Initiative as announced by the Historical Society Of Perry County, Pennsylvania!

Our initial studies of the Fetter House for the Historical Society Of Perry County, PA (HSOPC), were completed with a presentation of our results April 18, 2015, at the HSOPC Annual Board and Membership Meeting. At the conclusion of the presentation, we began our second historical location research study for HSOPC which will be followed up by our partners, Cumberland Perry Paranormal, after they complete the report of their investigation of the Fetter House. Our teams will be meeting in several weeks to compare results to advance these studies for the Historical Society and discuss the future. We will also be looking for additional research teams to help us in our collaborative effort to achieve our goal of serious research for historical preservation. More information on that effort will be announced soon!

Check out our partners who we will be working with on this initiative!

Historical Society Of Perry County and Cumberland Perry Paranormal!