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Location Two Cam Studies April 2013 Perry County, PA

We began receiving reports of a white shadow figure, seen both day and night, that would pass the windows of the home at what we call Location Two in The Cove Perry County, PA. In April of this year (2013) we did a series of Cam Studies at the site where the shadow was seen in an attempt to capture it. The camera used was a Stealth Game Cam capable of IR mode at night. The camera was set up to take a total of nine shots upon motion detection and was pointed in the direction where the shadow seemed to originate from, by the windows.

On April 6, 2013, something triggered the camera’s motion detection. We make no claims with these photos. We ARE NOT implying they are of paranormal origin. These photos are now a part of this case file because they are validation that something could be crossing in front of these windows. There could be MANY explanations for these photos. Our approach to any study or investigation when going in is simple: We cannot provide proof of the existence of ghosts when many explanations exist. We can only document the claim whether it could be paranormal or not. So if this report seems to be from a skeptic point of view, that is the reason why.

We noticed several things when reviewing these over the course of many days. Obviously something solid and reflective triggered the camera to take the shots. It could have been an insect or a low flying bird or bat that gave the illusion of a large shadow that seems to be in motion due to refraction or light reflection. Small pockets of fog move through this area as well, and that could be another possible explanation. Fog by itself however probably would not be enough to activate the camera’s motion detection. The shadow only appears in the first shot, which indicates something was moving rather quickly as it passes. This is similar to what witnesses have reported to us. They have stated that they see a white shadow as they are inside the house and what appears to be a white figure moves quickly past the window. They always expect someone will knock on the door after they see it but no one is there. Not noticed during early reviews is a dark circular shadow that appears near the ground and on the siding of the small outbuilding past the vehicle seen in the photo. This could be pixelation on the photo as the camera begins to adjust to a lower light situation. However interesting that may be, we have no proof that there was or was not anything behind the camera that would create a shadow on the outbuilding.

The first shot in the series featuring the white shadow that appears to be in motion. Click to enlarge.

Second shot after the shadow passes the camera. Notice a low dark shadow on the siding of the outbuilding. Click to enlarge.

The third shot with the dark circular shadow appearing  to rise on the siding of the small outbuilding.

The fourth shot where the circular shadow disappears. The remaining five photos were similar to this one with nothing of interest.

We tried to recreate the photos over the course of several weeks with various lighting effects in an attempt to reproduce any refraction effects but were unsuccessful. (Note: because we could not reproduce the photo does not mean it is paranormal). The cam was set up for a total of four weeks at this same location, but this is the only time it took anything similar to this. At this time, the photo remains a mystery with only possible explanations.

Making this photo even more intriguing to us is the fact that we have reports of a white shadow at Location One which runs parallel to this property. The original sighting at Location One is of a woman in a long flowing white dress. Although we would like to say this is our “Lady in White”, there are too many possible natural causes for this photo and we are not convinced. So the search continues.