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Location Studies

One of the primary reasons we stopped doing private residence investigations is the fact that it is next to impossible to do a thorough investigation of one location in just one six to ten hour night. Follow up visits are an absolute must because the first investigation always leads to additional questions that need answers and it is unfair to form conclusions based on a guess for people who are requesting help for something they perceive to be paranormal. There is also the question of ethics when it is not always possible for people to schedule additional disruptions to accommodate enough visits for a proper paranormal investigation of their home that may actually require psychologists, social services, or medical attention which is not what most paranormal teams are trained to provide. The only thing we could possibly do is attempt to document the experiences of our clients and even that became difficult because most times nothing happened while we were in the home. Some clients were comforted by that while others were confused and upset with an empty conclusion. For these reasons we decided it was best to take a different approach to how we conduct our case studies. We do not mean to imply that all paranormal teams should not do private residence cases, and we do not believe that everyone should agree with our opinions on those types of cases. We simply decided that it was time for us to take a different approach to our research and investigations.

“I prefer the experimental approach rather

than the endless debate and discussions about the subject!”

- Raymond Cass

We concluded that our Research Project was something we could build upon for future location studies and investigations. We were not interested in investigating to prove or disprove anything. We were more interested in an objective approach that included researching methods and proposed theories together with investigative procedures to better understand or provide alternative explanations for paranormal claims. If it was possible to do several follow up visits, we could attempt to repeat the results of the methods used in the previous study or discard methods completely for the next study. This also allowed for the possibility to insert experimental methods and became the framework for our location studies.

Locations We Have Studied And Investigated