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Cove Paranormal Research Society Members

Current Members

Mark Cook - Founder

Mark is a former radio broadcaster who majored in Communications and the Arts at Harrisburg Area Community College which included broadcasting, audio and video editing, journalism, and public speaking. He is now a self-taught network administrator and pre press manager for a printing company in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Mark's primary interest in paranormal research is audio, specifically Electronic Voice Phenomena, and other forms of Instrumental TransCommunication. In his opinion it is not about whether or not EVP is being recorded. The more important questions are where are the perceived voices coming from, how do they get there, and who are they? Where there is sound there must be a source, but are they really voices from beyond our physical reality? Could they be psychic projections of our thoughts, or are they simply noise that the mind perceives to be voices? With these questions in his mind, he spends much of his time on independent audio studies with other members of the paranormal community in between Cove Paranormal location studies. He is the primary reviewer for all Cove Paranormal audio and visual and believes the best way to research unknown phenomena is in the center, between skeptic and believer, for a true objective viewpoint. He has been published in the Association TransCommunication News Journal, interviewed for the Harrisburg Patriot News, a guest on Johlene Riley’s Ghostly Encounters radio show, and is a member of United Paranormal International. He has also given presentations on Cove Paranormal Studies at Central Penn College and the Trails and Trees Environmental Classroom. He is very passionate about the need for serious research because of an event that is very personal to him and one that keeps him looking for answers in an effort to make sense of that experience. However, he is quick to point out that our experiences and opinions should never interfere with being objective in our research.

Michele Cook - Founder

Michele is a Loan Document Specialist in the financial industry. She often speaks about her experiences in the house where she grew up and describes some of them as terrifying. The perception of apparitions, voices, and moving objects were a common occurrence in that house and she continues to question those experiences while searching for answers to unknown phenomena as co founder of Cove Paranormal Research Society. She is also interested in researching psychic abilities and how they relate to that which is perceived to be paranormal. Her favorite place to visit is Gettysburg and has been a guest with her husband Mark on Johlene Riley’s Ghostly Encounters radio show. Michele is the primary organizer for all of our fundraising events that benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. She often says this is one of the ways a paranormal research team can help people by getting involved and giving back to the community. She also assists in organizing our Location Study and public presentations, manages the Cove Paranormal schedule and is the primary witness interviewer for our case studies.

Stephanie Armes - Member

A Daycare Teacher with a Childcare Development Associate, Stephanie has always been fascinated with the paranormal. After moving into a new home in Perry County, Pa in 1999, her perceived paranormal experiences increased along with her curiosity of unknown phenomena. Like Michele, one of her favorite places to visit is Gettysburg. She is always ready for the next investigation or event the team is attending and is amazed by how many new ideas can be learned from others within the paranormal community.

Robert Keyes - Member

Carol Keyes - Member

Jaime Gordon - Member

Brad Gordon - Member

Ryan Dusharm - Member

Emily Reynolds - Member

Cove Paranormal Research Society members (left to right) front row: Michele Cook and Stephanie Armes. Back row (left to right): Robert Keyes, Mark Cook, Brad Gordon, Jaime Gordon, and Carol Keyes.