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Current Methods and Procedures

Interviews are conducted with witnesses prior to the start of all studies/investigations.

If possible several studies of a location are done. The first study is based on claims only. No historical research is done until after the first study to avoid leading us to a biased conclusion at the start. After the first study, property research is done and then more research after each additional study with an emphasis on past residents or owners of the location. This information is then compared to all of the results from our sessions.

Photos are taken of the location and all rooms prior to the start of a study/investigation and at the conclusion of our sessions.

Audio tests are done at the location as a reference for the acoustics of the building and also to determine how our recorders will interpret the sound of our voices at the location for review purposes.

All sessions are approximately 30 minutes in length unless there are events and experiences that would require the session to continue.

All team members have an audio recorder for review purposes. This helps us avoid labelling audio as evp when it may be one of our team members or something mechanical creating the perception of an evp.

First session is always a silent session for observational purposes only. Photos and video may be used during this and other sessions.

Sessions following the observation session may include questions for answers, trigger objects, and role sessions based on claims and research. For example at our study of the Hublersburg Inn we created mock interview questions for a waitress, bartender, and head chef in an attempt to create a perception of change in an effort to induce evp. Mock interviews were created because the claims seemed to occur during times of change at the Inn.

For investigative purposes, additional observation sessions may be done after interactive sessions if we experience something that seems unusual.

All audio and visual results are sent to a listening team for an unbiased, objective review before considering them as results. Listening team results are then reviewed and debated by the team to determine what will be considered final results for our report.

The final report is submitted to the client or primary contact with a presentation if one is requested.

Experimental Techniques currently being used include ITC Video, P-SB7 Spirit Box audio, Ovilus energy output, EVP Maker, and Kinect Video.

Audio, and some video, methods used are based on theories and research results found on the Association TransCommunication website.