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The Research Project

The idea of The Research Project was simply to find locations in our home town with claims of paranormal activity or stories that have been passed down through generations and see what would happen if we took the team in. It was an excellent way to fill in the time between our private residence cases and paranormal trips, and also to provide a way to allow the team to progress as a group. The Project investigations also presented an excellent opportunity to test new equipment and experiments before we included them in our private residence cases.

The Research Project began in October of 2011 and started as a series of investigations within the Perry County, PA area. We had no idea what would become of this project. For all we knew it could have dissolved into nothing. However, it has since shaped itself into something we did not expect. We eventually visited locations with history, but without claims, and the results were impressive to us. There is nothing "groundbreaking" or "innovative" in our approach, but that was not really the first thing on our collective minds throughout the process of the project's evolution. In many ways it is actually a combination of how we investigate our private residence cases with ideas we have exchanged from face to face meetings with other teams within the paranormal community as well as knowledge obtained from other investigators.

We do not claim ownership to any ideas we present here and we have no problem sharing anything we publicly disclose with the only possible exception being those private residences which would require permission from the owners. However, in some cases this is not an issue because in order for a site to be considered a Research Project Location, it must come with consent to disclose except for the actual physical location which we never disclose. We also believe potential clients have a right to know up front who we are and how we proceed with our investigations.

The Research Project is constantly evolving based on the success of technique and results, so this page could change as we move forward.

Outline we use for each location:

1) Location is chosen based on but does not have to include ALL of the following criteria:

    History with prior strong emotional attachment to location

    Claims of paranormal activity or stories

    Permission to investigate and research the property from the owners (this is a must)

    Must be open to the Public or Private with permission from the owners to publicly      disclose our research (extent of disclosure is negotiable and owner of private      locations have final approval of any media that is publicly disclosed)

    Easily accessible to the team

2) Walkthrough and meetings with owners and those who have had experiences

3) Research location

4) Prelim includes many visits to get a "sense" of the location with both audio and visual recordings at various times throughout the day and night. Also referred to as the “lead up”.

5) Stage One Investigation - Sessions based on claims and research - may include follow up research after

6) Stage Two Investigation - Follow Up Sessions based on Stage One with our intuitive member - may include follow up research after

7) Stage Three Investigation - Follow Up based on both Stage One and Two - may include follow up research after

8) Stage Four Investigation (Exclusive to Research Project Locations) - Role Sessions to attempt promotion of audio or visual response. In this stage, equipment such as EMF Detectors etc. become unimportant to the project. Cameras and audio devices are the only equipment used at this stage. Sessions are based on all prior investigations and research.

Based on findings of each stage, stages could be repeated prior to the next. Additionally, there must be sufficient captures during, or additional claims after, to proceed to the next stage. If no captures or claims exist after two repeats, the location is considered cold and placed on hold.

Current Research Project Locations:

Location One in Duncanon, PA (Active project location since October 8, 2011)  - At Stage Three    Read More About Location One

Location Two in Duncannon, PA (Active project location since February 18, 2012) - At Stage Two    Red More About Location Two

Location Three in Duncannon, PA (Active project location since April 14, 2012) - At Stage Two    Read More About Location Three

Location Four in Perry County, PA (2011 Investigation now considered Research Project Location) - At Stage Three

Results of all of our Research Project Locations can be seen on our 2011 and 2012 Investigations Page.

Read About The Cam Study At Location Two

How to submit locations for consideration:

Email details to and include "Research Project Location For Consideration" in the subject. At the present time we are only accepting locations within the Perry County, PA area. This may change in the future.


Note to media outlets: If contacted we have no problem speaking about the Research Project or what we have publicly disclosed. However, we will never publicly release the physical location of any of our projects or investigations. This is only because many of these locations fall on private property where the owners may not be excited about any unwanted publicity and attractions that could be caused by such disclosures. If the owners want the publicity, we leave that up to them to reach out to the media, but that is not the primary purpose behind our projects. Thank you for your understanding.

The Research Project evolved into what we now call Location Studies.