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Location One In Duncannon, PA


The apparition of a woman dressed in a long flowing dress (referred to as the woman in white) has been seen floating above the ground on the property by several people. A deed search indicates the house dates back to at least the 1800’s and includes a spring house, barn, garage, and the foundation of a previous barn that was filled in. That barn was burnt to the ground by an African American who lived in the mountain nearby during the time of the Civil War. A former resident is also buried on the property. The property is in an area that was frequently hunted by several Native American Tribes before and during the colonization of what is now Perry County, Pennsylvania. It was also the site of several bloody battles between several Native American tribes and also between Native American tribes and Colonists. Eventually, the only Native American tribes that made this area their home were the Iroquois who forcefully drove all other tribes out or forced them to join the Iroquois League or Five Nations which eventually became The Six Nations with the eventual addition of the Tuscarora’s. Additional claims include footsteps that have been heard on the stairs from the second floor to the first floor in the main house but the stairs are carpeted. The sound of someone falling down a flight of stairs and banging into a door has also been reported on the second floor of the main house. There is a rumor of a hanging that allegedly occurred on either the second or third floor.

Location objectives

1) Attempt to obtain evidence of the “woman in white”

2) Attempt to obtain evidence of the possible hanging

3) Attempt to capture the footsteps in the main house

4) Attempt to capture residual playback of events surrounding the fire at the barn

5) Attempt to capture any audio or video evidence of Native Americans on the property

Stage One Investigation Findings

1) Footsteps heard on the second floor of the main house captured on audio

2) Shadows seen on the second floor of the main house

3) EVP captured near the site of the original barn that says “Cut their eyes out”

Stage One Repeat Investigation Findings

1) P-SB7 Spirit Box session results: Mail voice catured saying “All this pain”, “Pack up the car”, and the names of several family members (both first and last names).

2) Tall shadow figure seen on the second floor, and also a shadow figure seen sitting on a chair of one of the bed rooms.

3) Random K-2 hits

4) Footsteps heard at the landing of the second floor

Stage Two Investigation Findings

1) Sessions with our intuitive picked up the presence of a Native American tribe near the area of the spring house and also a woman who wanders around the property who seems to not care about who may be near. Our intuitive felt she was either lost or looking for something or someone. She did not pick up on a hanging on the second floor, just a possible accident that led to a non fatal injury from someone falling down a spiral staircase. (There was a spiral staircase in the house at one time).

2) P-SB7 spirit box sessions results were similar to previous with names of family members. There was one particular session that was laced with profanity and the spirit box was suddenly turned off and back on during that session. The room became cold and the K-2 meters went to red during this session as well.

3) Shadows were seen outside near the spring house.

Stage Three Investigation Findings

1) P-SB7 Spirit Box sessions gave us similar results to previous investigations. The name Bobby was spoken several times and also the words blood, run, and hide.

2) There were K2 hits during the P-SB7 Spirit Box sessions.

3) Two of our investigators saw a white shadow appear to run around the main house in the direction of the spring house. The MEL Meter spiked to 19.2 in the area where the shadow appeared to run to.

4) An EVP of significance was also recorded in this same area which said “get em” followed by “are you running?”

5) Most of this activity occurred at dusk and was consistent with our previous “outside” investigations of the property, which have now defined key areas that seem to be more active than others.