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Location Three In Duncannon, PA


The apparition of a Native American male has been seen near the wood line of this location. This location was also once a part of the property of Location One and is not far from the spring house of that property. “The woman in white” has also been seen very close to this location as well. Our Session was done in the woods.

Location Three Objectives

1) Attempt to validate the Native American presence

2) Attempt to contact the “Woman in White”

3) Gather any additional information that directly relates to the findings at Location One

Stage One Findings

1) A P-SB7 session was done at this location with similar results as Location One. Radio stations are difficult to pick up in this mountainous region so there was little to no radio reception on the P-SB7. Similar voices were heard speaking the same words such as blood, red, run, kill, leave, horses, and one of our investigators was called “evil” by name. A recurring name was spoken during our P-SB7 session as well. We are currently researching this name to see if it is connected to the property.

2) A solid orb with a tail was captured on the second of a series of three shots during the P-SB7 Spirit Box Session.

Stage One ended early due to weather conditions.