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Location Two In Duncannon, PA

Location Two was chosen because it was part of the original property of Location One and had additional claims of activity.


The voice of a female is heard speaking in the house. The owners claim that it sometimes sounds as if two female voices are heard in conversation. Footsteps are heard in the hallway and doors open and close seemingly on their own. Electronic devices in the home will malfunction for no apparent reason. Objects seem to be placed in places other than where they were originally located in the house and some objects have been lost or misplaced but will reappear without explanation. The house was once a part of the same property as Location One and was mostly covered with trees. A natural spring flows underground between the house and the woods beside the property.

Stage One

1) Evp captured in the bedroom

2) REM POD activity

3) DVR camera moved without explanation at the same time the REM Pod activated.

4) Footsteps were heard in the hallway

Stage Two

A lead up investigation was conducted for this investigation. Two weeks prior to our full scale investigation, we ran non-interactive VRM, P-SB7 Spirit Box, and Full Spectrum video sessions. Below is a list of results from those sessions:

1) VRM audio recorded female voices

2) P-SB7 Spirit Box picked up a female voice. This was a complete sentence on the P-SB7.

3) Full Spectrum Camera picked up an unexplained voice in the basement

Results Of The Full Investigation:

On the grounds and in the wooded area beside the house, our intuitive picked up on a woman who she feels once lived on and owned the land that is now several properties in the area. She did pick up on a name and interestingly the name she mentioned appears on a tombstone in a local cemetery that is on private property not far from this location. She also picked up on Shawnee Indian ties to the property. Research after the investigation found that the Shawnee’s could have been in the area during the 1700’s. She was also drawn to an additional property but we could not go there at that time without permission from the owner. In the house, the presence of a female that she felt was a family member was “sensed” as well.

Footsteps were once again heard in the hallway and all four lights on the REM POD were activated in the hallway during a discussion of the family member “sensed” in the home. There was no one near the REM Pod.

Between January and March of 2013, we began receiving reports of a white shadow figure that was seen passing by the windows of the home at this location. In April, we setup a Stealth Game Cam with IR capabilities and motion detection in an attempt to capture it. Results and photos of that study can be found Here.

This page will be updated based based on future research, investigations, and findings.