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About Cove Paranormal Research Studies

The concept of our research studies evolved from The Research Project which was, and still is, a series of investigations and studies of properties (locations) in Perry County, Pennsylvania with a history of paranormal claims and unusual "events." The goal was not to prove or disprove any of the claims, but to enter the locations with a specific outline of methods for observation and study to either explain the reports or experience them for review, documentation, and further study. The results were interesting, and the locations provided an excellent opportunity to explore methods and experiments that would not be suitable for a private residence investigation (haunting investigation).

In October 2012 our founder was interviewed for an article about local hauntings in the Patriot News and Pennlive as part of their Halloween series of articles. The professor for the Haunted Pennsylvania Class at Central Penn College saw that article after it was published and contacted us about speaking to her class with the possibility of doing a demonstration of an investigation at a location of her choosing. We accepted the invitation and investigated a Farmhouse in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania with the students and scheduled a presentation of results at Central Penn College. At the beginning of 2013 we were contacted by the organization that cares for the Farmhouse about the possibility of returning for further studies. A five month study was scheduled for what we now refer to as the "Samuel Miller Farm."

Our 2013 Summer Research Study of the "Samuel Miller Farm" was our most involved case study to date. It expanded upon some of the methods of The Research Project and after the public presentation in the Fall of 2013 we made a collective decision to continue those types of case studies. In December we conducted a Location Study of the Hublersburg Inn by request and a follow up study of the "Samuel Miller Farm" has been scheduled for the Summer of 2014 in an effort to repeat the results of our previous study.

We have always done Independent Research Studies to test equipment and methods since we started the Research Project and they are sometimes included in our Location Studies, but because they are mostly experimental, they are only mentioned in Location Study reports and not included in the results. This year, in an effort to promote collaboration, some of our team members have joined other researchers and investigators in the paranormal community to participate in and share results of independent research studies. We see this collaboration as an incredible opportunity for the exchange of ideas and we now consider these independent studies to be part of this collaborative research initiative. We are looking forward to working with others in this way well into the future.

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